About us

Kim and Sally realised there was a pressing need for a definitive ‘how to garden’ guide around the increasingly challenging growing conditions as a result of climate change.

Kim has been writing about the subject for publications such as the Guardian, and teaching courses on climate change savvy growing since 2013.

Sally has been championing organic and environmentally-friendly growing for many years and has written about her experiences in several gardening books. She runs several workshops on climate-resilient gardening and smallholding.

Kim and Sally love to share their knowledge and experience of organic, climate change gardening. They write articles and are happy to do interviews for radio, podcasts and webinars.  Both offer workshops (both in person and online) and give talks to gardening clubs, horticultural associations, botanic gardens, and events, such as flower shows and fairs.Video making is also an option.

Please get in touch if you would like to work with us.

Sally Morgan

I'm an author and educator, running courses on smallholding and sustainable gardening from my organic farm and walled garden in Somerset

Kim Stoddart

I run courses on all things climate change, biodiverse, organic, resilient, wildlife-friendly money-saving growing through my training gardens in West Wales

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