Down to Earth Advice for Growing a Resilient Garden

Sally Morgan and Kim Stoddart show you
how to be a climate savvy gardener

Our tips for a resilient garden

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The Climate Change Garden Book cover Spring 2022
The new edition of The Climate Change Garden was published by Quarto Books / Cool Springs Press  in spring 2023

The long predicted greater extremes of weather caused by climate change are well and truly upon us and our gardens are suffering. There’s no getting away from it;  our climate and weather patterns are changing and fast. Our gardening practices need to catch up… Learn more



Kim Stoddart

I've been writing for publications such as The Guardian about climate change savvy growing since 2013. I edit The Organic Way magazine for Garden Organic and have columns on resilient growing in the press. In 2022 I won the prestigious Garden Media Guild Environmental Journalist of the Year.
I also run courses (in person and online)

Sally Morgan

I'm a botanist with a life-long interest in gardening, especially growing interesting and quirky plants. I spent several years researching habitat restoration and establishing plants in recycled aggregates which is proving very useful now! As well as writing and editing, I teach growing and smallholder courses ( and have a blog site (

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